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Sculpture animal 

The history of animal sculpture: from the imaginary to the real



It was at the Paris Salon in 1831 that animal sculpture aroused particular interest among the public. With the work of Antoine-Louis Barye featuring a tiger attacking a gharial, an Indian crocodile, the latter has reinvented animal sculpture. He left aside the mythological aspect of the sculptures known until then to concentrate on the much more representative and realistic aspect of the animals. It is therefore at the end of the 19th century that this revival of animal sculpture will appear. Indeed, during the Second Empire, these sculptures will have an important place where many artists will then be able to make themselves known.

Little personal anecdote: "When I created my first sculpture in 1986, a polar bear, I asked a sculptor friend to give me  his opinion on this piece. His reaction was, "You saw Pompon's bear!"  It is  as well as I knew the sculptor François Pompon "

" He is known to the general public for his animal sculptures whose innovative style is characterized by the simplification of forms and polished surfaces."


It is naturally in the same spirit that I have  created around forty animal pieces."

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